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Synergy People


Synergy People is an established Staffing Solutions Agency in Sydney Australia. Synergy has a team of experienced consultants servicing a range of clients in the manufacturing sector.

Prior to engaging Ace Talent Search, our consultants were dealing with overwhelm and struggling to meet deadlines. They found it impossible to quickly scale when there was an influx of work orders. It was difficult to keep consultants through the peaks and troughs. When there was an influx of jobs, they found it hard to meet deadlines and often failed to deliver.


They found it was not worth the time and investment in training the staff to keep up with the evolving sourcing tech and trends. With ATS sourcers, they are trained and up to speed with the latest sourcing tech and trends and ready to onboard. No longer have the missed opportunities lost during the hiring time, notice period and one to three months of settling in time with a new starter. The sourcer from ATS was productive form the first day!


Trust was a huge factor. We are giving a third-party access to our business; they would be representing our business to candidates. However, we found ATS to be transparent and easy to work with. Simple and seamless onboarding experience


the team at ATS have extensive recruitment industry experience, well trained and we found they were able to understand a job brief quickly and deliver a shortlist very quickly. We found that to our advantage, while our team had finished for the day, ATS Sourcers were an additional resource and were able to cast a wider net to generate a funnel of candidates. More selection and a bigger pool, it helped to have an extra pair of eyes searching the market after hours.

The highlight of partnering with Ace Talent Search

  • Very easy to deal with, simple transparent process, no need to invest more time. All we had to do was deliver the pitch to ATS and they delivered.
  • Having trained sourcing professionals as the extra resource is a big advantage.
  • Cost effective in dollars and ROI in productivity.
  • Excellent communication in a timely and effective manner.

This increased our fill rate; we were closing more jobs, especially the hard-to-fill ones, the jobs that needed us to map the market and find the passive candidate.

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